An initial sketch of the development plan for the Grove at Shoal Creek, which has been hotly contested by its neighbors.

The Austin City Council plans to hold a “first approval” vote on a zoning change for ARG Bull Creek’s Grove at Shoal Creek development plan Thursday. According to the council, this vote is a “symbolic” approval of the plan that leaves room for further discussion about its highly contentious aspects, in particular the project’s density and its potential effect on already-burdened roads.

"My sense is that there is still moving pieces. My recommendation is that we approve this on first reading so that we can move forward with a PUD," Mayor Steve Adler said Tuesday. "But I have been struggling how to get a first reading approval without sending an unintended message to the community." Adler has asked the Council to give first approval to a limit on office and retail zoning for Shoal Creek, but not to consider limits on parkland or vehicle trips.

The Austin Business Journal’s Michael Theis predicts that continued discussion about the Grove at Shoal Creek plan will likely come after the elections on November 8th, when some council seats may change.

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