• Although Fieldstone's 25-year history has its roots in California, the bulk of the builder's growth has been in its Texas and Utah operations, where closings have quintupled and doubled, respectively, since 2004.
  • Fieldstone's strategy for the immediate future is to continue to grow operations in the Salt Lake City and San Antonio markets while shifting California operations from home building to land development.
  • The company expects to increase closings in 2006 by roughly 80 percent. In 2005, Fieldstone closed 1,620 single-family detached units.
  • Bottom Line President and CEO Frank Foster attributes Fieldstone's success to its ability to design product to control costs. “In Texas and Utah, we are working on an operating strategy of delivering more house for the money, so we're offering bigger homes at price points that would be lower than our competitors,” Foster says. “[But] it's an operating system that's very efficient … homes have big footages, but they're a little easier to build. And we offer a lot of options instead of specing in a lot of things buyers don't necessarily want.”


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