A Twin Oaks community greenhouse. Members of Twin Oaks are required to work at least 42 hours a week to meet the community’s various needs.

In Louisa County, Virginia’s Twin Oaks is one of seven intentional communities – once known as “utopian” communities – officially recognized by the Federation of Egalitarian Communities. FEC recognition requirements include land, labor, and income held in common among all members, advocacy of nonviolence and ecological sustainability, and direct decision making in governance.

During his time as a guest at Twin Oaks, Atlantic writer Erik Reece was provided with free room and board, in exchange for some work in the community. All permanent residents are required to do at least 42 hours of work on the community’s farm, in its various supporting industries, or in other tasks such as childcare, in exchange for which life essentials are free. Most of the community’s property is shared, but members are allowed to own as much as they can fit in their private rooms and receive a small stipend for outside indulgences.

A sputnik is not included.

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