Penn Jillette has sold his former home, The Slammer, to American West Homes for $1.88 million.

Las Vegas home builder Larry Canarelli has purchased stage magician Penn Jillette’s former mansion, known as The Slammer, and the surrounding 8.6-acre property in the Las Vegas Valley for $1.88 million.

Canarelli’s American West Homes already owns land around The Slammer, but the mansion stood in the way of prospective development. According to Canarelli, prospective homeowners have criticized The Slammer’s looks and avoided buying homes near it. The property is a short drive from sprawling subdivisions but is mostly near sparsely developed stretches of desert.

Jillette, who moved to Summerlin last year with his family, initially tried to destroy The Slammer by having a tank driven through it, but the tank got stuck and didn’t destroy much, according to Eli Segall of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Canarelli says that he will tear down the rest and build homes on half-acre lots on the property.

American West Homes is one of the biggest builders in the southwest Last Vegas Valley, and is currently ranked #91 on the BUILDER 100.

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