Baltimore’s new Port Covington development plan includes 20% affordable housing, but some advocacy groups are calling for protests over the issue of enforcement.

A new agreement between Baltimore city leaders, Sagamore Development, and local affordable housing advocates concerning the developer’s Port Covington project was expected to be signed this week, but the details of the plan have led to a schism between advocacy groups.

According to the plan, 20% of the housing at Port Covington will be designated affordable, but some advocates believe that the plan does not “have enough enforcement teeth,” according to Melody Simmons of the Baltimore Business Journal. PORT3 and Build Up, two local groups which represent more than 167 local nonprofits, have asked their members to show up in protest at a council committee hearing on Thursday. They claim in a letter to Sagamore Development that the developer's team of negotiators had refused to discuss labor, school funding, and hiring issues.

Another advocacy group, BUILD, says that negotiations are continuing “in good faith.” Sagamore declined to comment on the dispute Tuesday.

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