Over the past 15 years between 2000 and 2015, the population of the Texas Triangle jumped 41% says John Egan in a post for Lawnstarter. The Texas Triangle is made up of Texas’ four major metro areas, Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio.

To house the increasing population of Texas, construction increased dramatically. By analyzing data from the Federal Reserve Board, Lawnstater found that during those years 1,306,231 building permits were issued for single-family homes in the Texas Triangle.

Here’s the 2000-15 breakdown for each metro area:

  • Austin — 158,216 permits.
  • Dallas-Fort Worth — 466,696 permits.
  • Houston — 552,600 permits.
  • San Antonio — 128,720 permits.

As of the first quarter of 2016, Dallas-Fort Worth slipped past Houston as the country’s busiest market for new-home construction according to Metrostudy data. In the DFW metro area, Metrostudy expects about 30,000 new-home starts in 2016, which would be a 12 percent increase from 2015. On the other hand, Metrostudy forecasts new-home starts in 2016 will fall to 26,500 in the Houston metro area, which would be a 5 percent decrease from 2015.

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