Coasta Rica is on a 113-day streak of powering the country with renewable energy, reports Fast Company writer Charlie Sorrel. And the country has a history of sustainable success--in 2015, it relied on nothing but renewable energy for 285 days of the year.

The country's geography is ideal for creating energy, and a majority of the power comes from hydroelectric plants, which utilize the mountain terrain and frequent rains. Costa Rica also uses geothermal energy and solar power. The country plans to be carbon neutral in the next five years. Sorrel writes:

Renewables are gaining everywhere. Germany often manages to go for a day at a time on renewables alone, and Portugal did four days straight earlier this year. Interestingly, it seems that less affluent countries are doing just as well as places like Scandinavia, which is always at the forefront of such green initiatives. In fact, the worst performers when it comes to renewables might be the richest countries. The U.S., for example, only managed to generate 13.4% of its energy from renewables in 2015. And it's the richest countries that use the most power, making this pathetic figure even more embarrassing.

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