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The Propane Energy Pod: A Blueprint for More Efficient New Homes


What is the Propane Energy Pod?

The Propane Energy Pod is a research-based model for new construction that bundles a home's five key areas of energy use as a whole-home energy package. This comprehensive approach maximizes efficiency, performance, comfort, and carbon reduction. See how Pod homes stack up against standard homes in your region and learn more about the benefits of this coordinated building approach.


See the Pod In Action

Learn About the Propane Energy Pod

This model for new-home construction combines five core propane applications in the home into an energy-efficient package. It provides a comprehensive way to address energy use that is good for the environment and your customers' energy bills.

How Much Savings? Three Case Studies

Download this PDF and check out real-world success stories from builders who are integrating Pod principles into their projects and have the energy performance to prove it.


Propane Training Academy courses

An Energy and Environmental Analysis of Propane Energy Pod Homes

Learn how Pod homes compare with homes that feature typical technology packages.

Go Green with Propane: An Overview of Propane Gas Systems for Green Residential Construction

Understand what makes propane-fueled systems the smart choice for green building.

Residential Energy Performance Upgrades: An Energy, Economic, and Environmental Analysis

Learn how to identify the most beneficial energy performance upgrades in your climate.


Energy-Efficient Building with Propane

Propane Incentives in Fiscal Cliff Deal

When Congress passed its last-minute legislation known as the American Tax Payer Relief Act of 2012, it did more than avert the so-called fiscal cliff. Find out how you can qualify for tax credits by building with high-efficiency propane systems.

How to Provide Unbeatable Value with the Propane Energy Pod

Cornell Homes has gone from 22 sales in 2008 to about 240 homes in 2012, making it the No. 1 private homebuilder in its region in net sales. The builder's strategy: Provide homes with great value in strong locations.