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FourPlans: Castle Allure

Who wouldn’t like to be king (or queen) of the castle? Consumers sure do, judging by their enthusiastic response on social media to these types of designs. Here are four plans that offer plenty of romantic little details that hint at the fantasy, like turrets and lots of stone. Of course, the layouts inside are utterly practical and modern.

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In Texas, home building's world apart, Modern Hill Country design catches a wave

When a home building company sees a sudden spike in the number of competitive shoppers wandering around their new model markets, it's a sure sign that a new design has taken hold. In Texas, which is a housing market arena unto itself these days, just such a design "tipping point" has occurred. It's all about Modern Hill Country design, which disrupts traditional Texas rococo extravagance with simpler, elegant lines in classically warm materials. And it's catching on fast among Texas production home builders. BIG BUILDER's John McManus has insight into the design style's genesis and trajectory.

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