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Power Shift: Buyers Get an Upper Hand As Supply Expands, Motivation Intensifies

Redfin chief economist Nela Richardson sees two profound market dynamic shifts that should play a catalytic role in the present and near-future housing market: The first is a slowdown in home price growth. The second is a shift in pricing power from sellers to a more balanced market. Add seller-urgency to buyer-motivation and you've got the makings of a market that can move.

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Victim or Survivor?

As encouraging as some of the housing recovery's signs are, visibility into what's next and what's ahead is mightily limited. So, we're slow to move in some areas, particularly as regards adding human and financial capital. To address those pain points, we're excited to introduce Survivor or Victim? How to Excel in a Resource-Constrained Environment, a new series jointly developed by Continuum Advisory Group's Clark Ellis and Brandon Hart.

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When It Comes to Acquisition, Development, Construction Loans, It's Haves and Have-Nots

Wall Street Journal staffer Kris Hudson keys into Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. data that indicates construction lending posted the largest gain of its yearlong recovery in the second quarter, signaling that the real-estate industry's rebound is gaining steam, albeit slowly (paywall). The only issue is, don't be small and need money.

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