The baby boomer generation is migrating en force. Sunny Florida has been a longtime favorite for retirees as they seek a location to enjoy the temperate climate. After working for nearly 40 years, they are ready to start their NEXTadventure.

Many boomers are retiring from a high-tech work environment, where they had access to the latest technology. After retirement, they can use their hard-earned knowledge of technology in a new way. NEXTadventure research, conducted by The Farnsworth Group in April 2016, shows that 55-plus home buyers are most interested in integrated home technology that makes their life more convenient. They also rated the following technologies in terms of importance:

Boomer Technology Preferences
The Farnsworth Group

What can that mean for a settling boomer? As a 55-plus new-home buyer relocates to a more temperate location, they can still communicate with any family they leave behind in chilly northern climates. Virtual calls make it possible to spend face-to-face time with children and grandchildren so they never feel far away. Their home office can become a communication central with a laptop plugged into a large screen monitor.

Beyond home technology needs, part of many NEXTadventure home buyer’s agenda is travel. They plan quarterly or monthly trips and have a whole host of apps that make it easy, and even more affordable. They call Uber to take them to the airport, and when they are away, they rent their home on Airbnb, which affords them additional income. They also can make the logistics of Airbnb easier with an August Smart Lock that makes it possible to create virtual keys for their guests and track who comes and goes with a 24/7 activity log.

Several apps can help take care of the house while they are away. They can check their sprinkler system with an app, like Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, that monitors the local forecast and knows the sun exposure. Nest’s new security camera system tops the list for valuable technologies for 55-plus buyers by offering homeowners the peace of mind they need and want while they're away. And what about home entertainment? Most everything is a voice command away or right at their fingertips with a Sonos music system that plays music throughout the house and the Amazon Echo, which controls lights, switches, and thermostats.

Many of these technologies are incorporated in the NEXTadventure home, which will debut at the 2017 International Builders' Show. Sign up now to tour the home.