Windows have a lot riding on them. Beyond their basic function of bringing in natural light and views, today’s windows must have both beauty and brains—able to complement a home’s architectural style, boost its energy efficiency, and protect it against the fiercest weather.

It’s a lot to worry about, but when done well, there are few things that have a greater impact on a home’s comfort and style.

To help promote excellence in all these areas, Marvin Windows conducts its annual myMarvin Architect’s Challenge, which celebrates "solution-driven design, classical beauty, innovative use of windows, and sustainability," the company says. This year’s winners run the gamut from a historic Neoclassical to a cutting-edge contemporary to a 200-year-old chapel converted into a charming residence.

Whatever your project, these beauties—selected from among the contest’s nine winners—offer ideas of all kinds.

Claire Easley is a senior editor at Builder.