Fast Company's Diana Budds takes an in-depth look at Brutalist Washington, an annotated map that identifies 40 Brutalist buildings in the nation's capitol.

Created by our sister publication ARCHITECT's associate editor of design, Deane Madsen, the map highlights D.C.'s "unsung masterpieces that speak to a specific moment in governmental architecture", including local landmarks such as the Hirshhorn Museum and Saarinen's Dulles International Airport, as well as lesser known gems, like the Women’s National Democratic Club Annex by Nicholas Satterlee.

Madsen hopes Brutalist Washington sparks more awareness and appreciation for the style, which is often deemed ugly and destined for the demolition ball. By celebrating the style, he hopes to convert a few casual fans into vocal preservation advocates. "Brutalism in the U.S. is reaching an age where, in many cases, deferred maintenance or flat-out neglect means that Brutalist buildings are falling into disrepair, but they’re not yet old enough to be landmarked," Madsen says. "As more and more of these buildings face either renovation or demolition, proponents of the style are coming forward to extol its virtues and combat misunderstandings about what Brutalism is. The raw materiality of Brutalist buildings and the honest expression of their structure are qualities that are easy to appreciate in times that call for increased transparency."

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