Amsterdam's ReGen Village. Photo courtesy Fast Company.
Amsterdam's ReGen Village. Photo courtesy Fast Company.

From affordable housing to hyper-local food, the future of neighborhoods can be viewed across multiple sections. Fast Company staffers Adele Peters and Jennifer V. Cole take a look at five projects that demonstrate the future of residential life.

One of the projects, Amsterdam's ReGen Village, is designed as a closed-loop system that satisfies most of it's needs from within:

"We are redefining residential real estate development by creating regenerative neighborhoods," says project mastermind James Ehrlich, a California-based developer and senior technologist at Stanford. "It’s very much attuned to the cycles of nature."

Another project, California's Cannery, is a master-plan community built around food growing:

"Agrihoods are part of the bigger movement of buy local, shop local, eat local," says Ed McMahon, a senior fellow at the Urban Land Institute, a nonprofit that advocates for responsible land use. "In our industrial economy, the growth of food was separated from where people live. People are reconnecting with where food comes from."

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