Fast Company's John Brownlee shares a series of miniatures cityscapes, public spaces, and skyscrapers constructed by architects from the world's top design firms including BIG, SHoP, HWKN, and Bernheimer Architects during a recent event at the Lego Store in New York's Flatiron district.

Free from pesky budgets and zoning restrictions, Alex Stewart of Bernheimer Architects constructed a thin tower that cantilevered and folded to create a multi-level residential tower, while HWKN founder Mark Kushner constructed an entire cityscape featuring a complex web of sky rails.

Is playing with Lego really all that similar to being a pro architect? Stewart says it's not as different as you might think, paralleling real-world design and construction quite closely. "For both, you're dealing with factors like structural integrity, material sourcing, and unit aggregation, as we're limited to blocks, planks, tiles, and so on," he says.

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