In Orlando, Fla., where we’re building the NEXTadventure home, there simply has to be a pool. It’s one of the ways we convey our theme of indoor-outdoor connectivity, and it’s one of the brightest feathers in our cap as we bring an inspired living experience to life.

As home builders, including such an important and foundational element in the basic architecture requires us to work carefully with preferred partners both to build the pool and create the green space.

Having a strategy in place for collaborating with pool and landscape experts will result in provocative out-of-the-box design that delivers a serious wow factor. The transition from outdoor to indoor is seamless, and the backyard feels just like another part of the house. Here’s how to achieve the perfect balance:

Determine the style of landscaping that complements and enhances your architectural design.

For example, does the house in question scream tropical paradise, packed with palms? Or is it more a flowery, ethereal English garden? Or perhaps it demands raw stones and bamboo to invoke the calm environment of a spa.

At the NEXTadventure home, we’re catering to the 55-plus market. They tell us they want low-maintenance pools at their homes for both exercise and private unwinding. Accordingly, we are building resort-style pools with straight, clean lines to elicit serenity and relaxation.

Taylor Morrison 55-plus buyers want low-maintenance pools.

Do your research.

Come to the table knowing what you like and you will get to the finish line faster. Explore what’s out there from other architects and interior designers. Research the market segment that you are building for and determine what’s most important to them. Take into account how the landscape architect’s engineering plans (i.e., structure, drainage, etc.) influence your design choices.

Provide your trade partner with a design scope and vastly reduce the amount of time needed to explain your vision.

At Taylor Morrison, we present our landscaping and pool professionals with a design scope to make everyone’s lives easier. We include notes on modus vivendi: tastes, preferences, and lifestyles. You can also provide magazine clippings or a Pinterest board of favorite plants, furnishings, and overall design. Help your trade partners nail the design on the first or second try by preemptively giving them as much direction as possible.

Approach the relationship as a collaboration.

Here’s a snapshot of our process: Taylor Morrison provides a design scope to its trade partner (landscape architect/pool engineer), and they provide blueprints. We give feedback on those designs/sketches and revisions are made. It’s a completely collaborative process. The resulting designs are unique and intriguing, fitting seamlessly into the house’s overall design.

By doing your research, providing design scopes, and working alongside your trade partners, you can build something truly remarkable. Your homeowners’ NEXTadventure will be embraced by the care and craftsmanship put into their new home.

Witness the collaboration and the careful attention to 55-plus features at the NEXTadventure home tour during the 2017 International Builders' Show. Register now for the tour.