Homes in Las Vegas are finally trending away from the gilt and stucco-covered McMansions of yesteryear. A new cadre of architects is bringing modern minimalism to the stark desert background.

In a recent piece for Vegas magazine, Andy Wang speaks with architects about what their clients want today. For Michael Garnder of Studio G Architecture, Millennials don't just want stuff. "The age group starting to be able to afford luxury properties don’t want what they grew up in," he says. Wang follows up to say pristine appearances are the new norm, as well as technology hidden inside the bones of the home.

Architect Henry CJ Hoogland agrees: “I think our lives are saturated with many things vying for our attention,” Hoogland says. “Electronic gadgetry, relentless advertising, and media. For many, minimalist architecture is alluring because it’s the absence of all those things.”

Vegas's new clientele has elevated expectations for design and technology. Vegas architecture is no longer about mimicking the strip, but rather celebrating the natural gorgeous backdrop of Nevada.

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