After eliminating nearly all building restrictions in the hopes of luring tiny home residents, Spur, Texas learned that these new residents had plans of yurts and even underground dugouts. Wall Street Journal staffer Lukas Alpert reports on the traditional town, which hired a building inspector and passed an ordinance that requires designs to be submitted for approval.

Those who live in tiny homes in Spur are not happy about these new rules and the town's Mayor Steve Bland says that this adjustment has been difficult for the 107-year old town:

“This is new for us,” Mr. Bland says. “We understand as it grows, we’ll have to grow with it—you can’t stay stuck in your ways—but we want things to go slowly.” So far, Spur has sold 60 abandoned lots for roughly $500 apiece, and about 20 “tiny housers” are expected to be moved in by the end of summer.

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