The Tradewinds Show Home, officially unveiled Tuesday night in Orlando, drew a crowd of party-goers who toured the home, examined its amenities, and weighed in on its merits. Some comments from the attendees:

Brett Parkhurst, chief technical officer for BuilderMT, thought the house "flows nicely and is very open to the air. It lends itself to the environment."

Alicia Perri, director of operations for BuilderMT, pointed specifically to the uniqueness of separating the master bath from the master suite. "It's like a separate spa." However, she also admitted "I had to go around the house twice to find the master."

Styli Pelekanos, who works for Henderson, a sliding-door hardware manufacturer based in Australia: "The house is fantastic, and the quadrangle concept is impressive."

Perhaps in line with his own company's interests, Pelekanos notes that the house has an awful lot of locksets." In fact, there are 32 in total.

Pelekanos, too, liked the way the bathrooms were set up, and joked that "if the partners, the husband and wife, ever got into a serious row, separate sinks is a good thing."

Rob Lee, owner of Chesapeake Development, a design/build firm based in Atlanta said: "The house is unbelievable, and the inside and outside are seamless. The level of 'finish' is totally complete throughout the house."

Lee believes that a growing number of home buyers are "open" to the kind of design configuration this house exemplifies, and which he says would be relatively inexpensive to execute. He points specifically to the outdoor kitchen, and fire pits, as being "intimate, and simple to do, but not all that common" in other homes.

Lee also pointed out that much of the flooring in this home is prefinished, which he finds ironic because "I get resistance to prefinished floors from buyers of $500,000 homes, and here is a $5 million house" with them.

During the presentation session, both the architect and builder of Tradewinds spoke. One of the funnier comments came from Charles Clayton of Charles Clayton Construction, who built the house over a 12-month period. He pointed out that the house has six water heaters, supplied by Rinnai. "Take one home as you're leaving." He also pointed out that those heaters are needed in a house that has 19 showerheads in the master bathroom alone.