When we think about how a house gets to be move-in ready, we think about the architect penciling lines on big blue paper. We think about guys in hard hats moving dirt around and pouring concrete. We think about landscapers laying fresh sod on front lawns and planting shrubs. We think about the potential home buyer driving slowly past and imagining a life there. We think about them getting the keys. Then, and only then, do we think about the interior designer, loaded down with fabric samples and paint swatches.

What would change if the architect and the interior designer had the opportunity to work collaboratively from day one? How would the results differ? What would a house look like if it were simultaneously planned inside and out?

Enter the NEXTadventure Home.

Collaboration among the entire team has happened from day one in the planning of the NEXTadventure home at Esplanade at Canyon Ranch in Orlando, Fla. The NEXTadventure home is a future-forward model home that showcases the best thought leadership in the industry, all collaborating on one project. We’ve started with a multidisciplinary team—architect, interior designer, builder, landscape engineer, suppliers—and we've designed a home that is truly unique.

When we start with the best and the brightest on one team, good ideas become great ideas. Everyone stays true to the customer, and everyone takes ownership in the results. The team members continually ask themselves, “Is this something that I would love? What about my friends?”

How has this approach influenced our architecture?

Because interior designers work so intimately with homeowners, they have their fingers on the pulse of how people are living their everyday lives. In the NEXTadventure home, the team at Lita Dirks & Co. prioritized the development of flex spaces—transformative areas that can be reconfigured at a moment’s notice. A spare bedroom becomes a den with a few pieces of modular furniture. A cubby area can quickly become a craft room or a study.

Another influence from the world of interior design is the increased connectivity between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Kitchens move outdoors, while the sun moves indoors. The divide between in and out becomes almost seamless.

NEXTadventure collaboration meeting

Is collaboration the new industry standard?

Everyone working on the NEXTadventure home has been incredibly inspired by this process. Every single person on the team is extremely confident in the project’s progression. If someone has a strong opinion about something, there is a place for that voice. As the economy continues to improve along with technology, collaborative house planning may indeed start to become the norm.

Watch this innovative model in action as we build the NEXTadventure home in celebration of the 2017 International Builders' Show. Join the conversation by using the hashtag #NEXTadventure.