Feature: Kitchen island

Minimum: 7 feet wide to ensure that the countertop space next to a cooktop or sink is adequate for prep or clean up. If you’re installing a sink into a 36-inch cabinet base, a 7-foot island width will provide space for the dishwasher on either side.

Feature: Linen closets

Minimum: 24 inches deep with a door width of 24 inches or more. Too often we forget that a linen closet stores large and bulky bedding that is not easily accommodated elsewhere.

Feature: Bed wall in the master bedroom

Minimum: 13 feet wide. The master bedroom will also need two additional walls that can accommodate a dresser and a highboy piece of furniture.

Feature: Hallways

Minimum: 3 to 4 feet wide for optimal circulation, plus the ability to move big pieces of furniture.

Features: Closets in minor bedrooms

Minimum: 6-foot rod with a 5-foot-wide bypass door.

Feature: Laundry room

Minimum: 6 feet wide. Today’s washers and dryers need extra depth.

Feature: Front porch

Minimum: 6 feet deep in order to be usable and not just for show. Think about whether a couple of chairs can fit in the space.

Feature: Garage

Minimum: 22 feet deep but 24 feet is better. Americans still love their SUVs and want storage space.

Feature: Entertainment centers

Minimum: 1 inch of width for each inch of the TV’s diagonal screen dimension.

Feature: Shower bench

Minimum: 18 inches deep. Otherwise, it just becomes an oversized shampoo shelf.

Feature: Double bowl vanities in the master bath

Minimum: 6 feet of horizontal wall space. This provides enough room for two people to stand side by side. Cabinet wise, it allows two 36-inch cabinet bases and a 12-inch drawer base.

Feature: Toilet closet

Minimum: 3 feet wide with a door that swings out. Just make sure that door edge is located away from the bath entrance so owners don’t end up bumping into the door’s edge in the middle of the night.

Feature: Master shower

Minimum: 4 feet wide.