Last November, Chicago AIA asked architects to come up with creative solutions for tiny and affordable housing for the city's homeless young adults. Last week, the group announced the winning project, A House for Living In, will be able to showcase its design with a model home at the Tiny House Summit on April 18.

A House for Living In imagined structures that housed 11 330 square foot apartments with a communal living space that could be built for $73 a square foot, compared to the city's average of $200 to $400 a square foot. The design also incorporated a central courtyard that can serve as gathering space or a communal garden.

Juror Benet Haller commented, “The submission’s site and floor plans are very efficient. Locations for storage are well thought out and the sleeping area is nicely separated from the living area. The use of brick on the exterior is a nice touch. Everything about this submittal works well.”

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