Dezeen's Amy Frearson shares a trio of comparatively miniature volumes that collectively provide just the right amount of living space for a Melbourne, Australia-based family.

Called "That House", the 2,745 square-foot dwelling was designed by local firm Austin Maynard Architects as a series of intimate cubes that open out into a central courtyard. That House is flanked by much larger homes, which the architects dub "social disasters" to communities. For two-story home's layout, the firm opted for a broken floor plan in lieu of an open one.

A large lounge and study are on one side, while the other side contains a dining room, kitchen and smaller lounge.The corridor in between is framed both by free-standing bookshelves and partition walls with cutaways – resonating with the growing trend for "broken-plan" rather than open-plan living. "We're not fans of open-plan living," said the team. "We also avoid completely enclosing rooms or functions. We try to make the connection of each space adaptable and loose."

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