TreeHugger's Kimberly Mok takes a look at a 24-foot-long tiny house that showcases a variety of transforming furniture that does double duty in the bright and cozy space.

Most notably, a $500 DIY retractable bed can be elevated and lowered above the sectional sofa with built-in storage with the touch of a button, eliminating the need for space-consuming stairs. The entire project, designed by self-taught carpenter Ana White, cost the client around $60,000 including materials and labor. The architect plans to release the space's plans, along with the cleverly designed furniture, free of charge on her website.

In the kitchen, there is a sliding pantry, as well as built-in wall shelving for foodstuffs. The countertop is faux-marble, built as a cheaper, greener and more lightweight alternative. Another great idea: one chunk of the counter actually rolls out, revealing a hidden spot for the combination washer/dryer machine -- an interesting alternative to putting it under the stairs or in the bathroom as seen in other tinys.

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