Perched on the edge of a rocky slab above a dam in an undisclosed location in Africa sits this 160,000-square-foot custom home that appears to be floating above the ground.

Designed by Muzia Sforza and London-based Studio Seilern Architects, its timber-clad cantilevered roofs and terraces provide wide-ranging views of the dam below and blend the structure with its surrounding terrain.

"The views and the drama of the granite cliff plunging into the dam were the inspiration for the concept, where oversized cantilevered roofs and extensive terraces frame the views and shelter from the vertical African sun," the architects said.

Transparent glass boxes sit between the pairs of slabs to create double-height living spaces and emphasize the views of the surrounding landscape.

"All elements are orientated in such a manner as to create physical adjacencies and visual privacy where required," said the architects. A pair of small granite-clad blocks containing extra bedrooms and bathrooms hinge off the semi-covered area, anchoring the house to the rock and helping it to blend with its rocky footing.

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