Custom Home's Leah Demirjian shares details of the U.K.'s first amphibious house, or one that is designed to rise up in its dock and float on floodwater before gently settling back down once the water lowers to its normal level during times of flooding.

Designed by local firm Baca Architects, the house is located within a designated Flood Zone 3B and conservation area along the River Thames in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. According to the architects, the cost of building an amphibious home is only 20% higher than building a similar, standard home.

In addition to its flood-resistant technology, the house is also energy efficient and features a cozy, modern aesthetic. Its large, high-performance windows that look out onto the Thames are tightly insulated. A pitched roofline complements and satisfies the scenic neighborhood’s strict planning guidelines, and a thoughtfully sited and sloped garden doubles as natural, early warning system.

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