New Zealand is one of the world's most expensive countries, yet the average resident makes barely more than $41,000 a year. With the recent earthquakes that hit Christchurch, the country is in need of affordable and resilient homes more than ever.

Park Homes, a home builder in New Zealand, is offering its own version. Starting at an estimated $55,000 to build, these 430-square-foot starter homes are earthquake-resistant and come with sustainable options like solar power and composting toilets.

Passive design played a big role in Papa #1: a “super efficient heat-recovery ventilation system” and nearly air-tight construction means the home is energy efficient. It’s also well insulated with structural insulated panels (SIP). The sleek black look of the outside of the home is achieved with aluminum composite panels. Removable panels at the bottom of the home hide trailer wheels so the home can be moved around a piece of property.

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