In a recent survey, 25% of couples admitted to sleeping in separate rooms. Key word: Admitted. Many aren’t willing to discuss their sleeping habits out of fear that it suggests a lack of intimacy. The fact of the matter is, we all need sleep.

One of the big reason couples sleep in different rooms is snoring. Weight gain and use of alcohol are known contributors to snoring. According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, 30% of people over age 30 snore, 40% over age 40 snore, and by age 60, 60% of men snore along with 40% of women.

Housing Design Matters Incorporating flex space into a floor plan allows for separate sleeping arrangements if necessary.

How can we gracefully allow the 55-plus buyer the rest they deserve without advertising to the world they sleep separately from their partner? The solution is a snore and more room. It can be a room flanking the master bedroom that looks like a den during the day but offers a refuge at night from their snoring mate. Perhaps it’s as simple as a door from the master closet that leads to a nearby bedroom. Most of the time, the room functions as the snoring retreat, but it can also serve as the seldom-used guest room when company comes to town (just make sure there is a lock on the connecting door).

For many, it’s not just snoring that keeps partners apart at night. It might just be different sleep habits: perhaps one is an early to bed, early to rise person, while the other prefers to stay up late catching up on sports or their latest novel. Having the nearby retreat is a perfect way to acknowledge and embrace these different sleep patterns.

Another solution is creating a home with dual master suites, which means no more arguing over closet space or the toilet seat being left up or down. This extravagant solution isn’t for every price point, however.

Since we all change as we age, acknowledge and accept the changes by designing homes that respond to how the 55-plus buyer really lives. Don’t just offer solutions to problems—design homes with dignity to allow the 55-plus cohort to age gracefully. That’s what the NEXTadventure is all about. Make plans to visit the NEXTadventure home at the 2017 International Builders' Show in Orlando, Fla. And, learn more online.