Neutral palette
Lita Dirks & Co.

Neutral is a natural choice! From soft grays to smoky lavender, neutrals are becoming more popular choices in furniture, art, paint, accessories and more. Those peaceful havens of muted tones are an even smarter choice for the interiors of the 55-plus buyer. Here are some design ideas that make neutral décor brilliant for the baby-boomer buyer.

Add a Pop of Color
There’s no denying the mood-enhancing effect that takes place by incorporating some uplifting colors into a neutrally infused design. For example, bright pink pillows bring out the crisp, clean feeling of white linen bedding and add pizzazz and dimension without “overdoing” it. While this generation of buyer may have grown up with heavy furnishings and darker colors (Who can forget wall-to-wall avocado shag carpeting?), they are looking for décor that is clean and calming, but at the same time pops of NEXTadventure personality.

Bold, Not Boring
If a neutral room is missing that certain “something,” think differently. Zebra fabric accent pillows or a floral infused side chair adds character to a design while still embracing the calming essence of softer tones. This type of styling creates the perfect opportunity for the 55-plus buyer to display items they may have acquired from travel or family over the years while still maintaining a harmonious home.

Contrast is King
If a neutral scheme is straying towards sterile, adding contrasting materials can be an easy and effective way to provide personality. Mixing natural woods with marble and metals develops a more contemporary feel and by using light/dark contrasts in flooring, fixtures and finishes the NEXTadventure buyer feels more at ease as they move through the home.

Let it Shine!
A neutral palette creates the freedom to glitz up the design and, as discussed in our “Light Up Their Lives” article, lighting is a crucial element for the 55-plus buyer as it should cater to their more “mature” eyes. For a timeless glamour, a crystal droplet chandelier makes a strong statement and reflects loads of overhead light. However, make sure glare is kept at a minimum.

Tons of Texture
Never underestimate texture’s ability to transform! As the active adult doesn’t want to sacrifice comfort and function for fashion, textures are a creative way to show style. Architectural elements, furniture, décor, flooring, wall coverings and textiles are all ideal places to play with a multitude of unique textures.

Don’t dismiss “hot” neutrals as too cold! Be sure to see how a neutral design scheme shines in the 2017 NEXTadventure Home to create a tranquil haven for active adult homeowners.