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CityLab writer Kriston Capps examines the lost appeal of Cinderella Homes, those storybook houses that once captured the fancy of nuclear families at the dawn of the Atomic Age.

The homes and their history are captured in All You Can Lose Is Your Heart , a book of photos by KayLynn Deveney. Capps writes:

Deveney has spent the past six years photographing Cinderella Homes, which she first came to know in Albuquerque, where she grew up, and where she worked as a staff photographer for The Albuquerque Tribune in the 1990s.

"All You Can Lose Is Your Heart" is a mesmerizing document that traces that original fantasy without sparing the present reality. Deveney meets the gauzy vision of the Cinderella Home with an unblinking gaze. These houses sold a promise of happily-ever-after. The truth is more complicated.

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