The National Association of Home Builder's annual Homes for Life Awards winners were announced this month for achievements in aging-in-place and universal design in two categories, major space and single space. Remodeling's Helena Okolicsanyi details the winning designers and their projects:

The winner for Major Space was Nancy Schnur, owner of Interiors LLC in Kailua, Hawaii. Schnur’s client has spent most of their life bound in a wheelchair. Schnur lowered the counter heights, created a roll-in shower, and created storage space on wheels. The result is an aging-in-place kitchen area fit for a wheelchair with a sleek design.

The winner for a Single Space was Barb Mueller, owner of Designs Anew in Houston. Mueller was tasked with designing a space for an older couple with very limited mobility. The wife wanted to continue developing her passion for cooking and so the design centered around making appliances accessible and easy to use. The wife was also mobile through a scooter and needed a less-tight space to maneuver around the kitchen. Measuring the scooter in motion, the aisles were planed at 48inches on each side of the island and 60inches between the main countertop and the island.

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