TREND WATCHERS TELL US THAT HOMEOWNERS are entertaining more. It's only logical then that they are looking for homes that make it easier to have those events. Realizing the relationship between good design and efficient entertaining, plumbing giant Kohler built a demonstration home to show what the ideal home for entertaining might look like.

The Ultimate Entertainment Home, a partnership between Kohler, Wis.–based Kohler and Food & Wine magazine, is filled with ideas as well as the latest design trends that facilitate entertaining. The whole concept of the project is to explore “what would make a good entertainment home,” says Diana Schrage, an interior designer with Kohler's Design Center.

The 7,000-square-foot home, located in Kohler, has all the expected amenities—large master suite, ample space, elegant fixtures. But it has much more. Designed by Duluth, Ga.–based architect Stephen Fuller and built by Kohler-based Windridge Homes, the house has two kitchens—one indoors and one outdoors—and both have a seamless relationship with the rest of the home. Depending on the type of party, a spacious great room with high ceilings creates a feeling of grandeur, Schrage says, while varied ceiling heights in other spaces create a sense of intimacy.

Because wine is popular at festive events there is a wine cellar with an adjacent tasting room. The house also has a library and a children's playroom, providing entertainment for all its inhabitants.

Naturally, the house has a generous helping of products from Kohler and its many sister companies. Schrage says this collection of products plays an important role in the design when juxtaposed with trendy materials such as reclaimed flooring and professional-grade appliances.

The show home will be open for public tours until Dec. 5, at which point it will be sold.