In a land where everything seems to be bigger, JLC editor Ted Cushman reports on a new trend in Texas: tiny houses.

Dallas production builder M. Christopher Homes is getting into the game with a 180-square-foot house, now under construction in Lucas, Texas. It will be priced at about $40,000. Owner Rudy Rivas plans to offer more the diminutive dwellings soon.

Despite consumer interest in tiny-home living, tiny houses are unlikely to displace monster mansions as the typical Texan’s top choice, writes Cushman.

"It’s very creative what they are doing but it’s not related to what we are seeing in the overall market,” NAHB market researcher Rose Quint told the Dallas Morning News. But who knows — there may be some folks looking to trade in their palatial residences for something a little more modest, as the oil price crash works its way through the Texas economy in the next year or two.

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