Fast Company's John Brownlee takes a look at a concept imagined by Swedish tech expert Kevin Gaunt as part of his Umea Institute of Design graduate project, in which a series of smart home bots are aimed at helping the elderly rather than younger generations.

In his concept, the smart home of the future contains the equivalent of a fuse box of bots, each denoted by simple symbols--such as coins for banking or a bag for shopping--and can link their functionality together to battle boredom in the elderly.

Gaunt imagined a series of smart home bots aimed at helping the elderly, as opposed to these devices' current roles as "gatekeepers to a particular company's ecosystems," as Gaunt puts it. "That led me to think about what if a future smart home had multiple [assistants] that each focused on a narrow set of tasks, like online shopping, managing the daily budget, or spying on the neighbors' whereabouts," says Gaunt.

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