David McFarlane

In another indication of a trend toward Web-based software apps in the home building sector, BuilderMT’s Workflow Management Suite now works with Explorer Software Group’s Contract Manager Version 7, a browser-based construction accounting solution. BuilderMT presents the move as offering its 800-company user base an alternative to the widely used Timberline software accounting system.

“What’s fascinating about Explorer is that it’s a browser-based, hosted solution, so the IT and personnel infrastructure needed to run it is much lower,” comments Tom Gebes, BuilderMT’s president. “With Explorer Contract Manager, there is no client-side install of the software, and it can, like any cloud computing app, be accessed from anywhere via the Internet.”

BuilderMT users will be able now to access Explorer’s Contract Manager, an accounting solution already used by the largest construction companies. In addition to analytics and credit-and-debit accounting, Explorer’s Contract Manager also offers such features as unlimited user-defined fields and dashboards, key performance indicators, the ability to calculate in multiple currencies, using multinational tax systems and multiple languages, as well as an Excel-like interface and a report wizard. Explorer can output fully formatted Excel workbooks and allow users to design their format in Excel-like grids, all while merging data across multiple servers and companies. Because the Explorer Contract Manager is browser-based, users also benefit from the proven cost avoidance offered by a “hosted solution” for IT infrastructure, security, and personnel.