WHEN PEOPLE NEED weather information, they check with local TV stations or any of the many sites on the Web. But we all know how accurate local weather broadcasters are, and with so many Internet-based sites, which one do you use? One company says its site, www.accuweather.com, is the best way for construction industry professionals to plan business activities.

“We have a lot more content and go into a lot more detail [than other sites],” says Lisa Behe, product marketing manager for State College, Pa.–based AccuWeather, which operates the site. “We have a reputation for being more accurate as well.”

AccuWeather.com offers users weather data, graphics, and forecasting information for areas all across the globe, including 15-day and hour-by-hour forecasts for every location on earth.

Behe says the site is useful to the builder market. For example, a construction manager could use the site to determine the best day of the week to lay the foundation of a house, the company says.

The main site is free, but the company offers three online subscription services: AccuWeather Premium, which features an enhanced set of weather features without any advertising; AccuWeather Professional, providing users with the same tools used by professional forecasters; and AccuWeather RadarPlus, which offers users street-level information about lightning or precipitation in a particular area.