While many retailers like Amazon and UPS are looking to use drones for deliveries, regulators in the U.K have been more receptive to handle the immediate issues effecting the industry than those in the U.S. Recode staffer April Glaser looks at the takes a look at how the legal process is faster across the pond but the struggles both sides still face when it comes to low-altitude air traffic control.

Glaser points out how managing air traffic for drones will be even more difficult than planes and how the U.K. has already begun to tackle this problem:

Unlike in the U.S., where air traffic control is managed by the federal government, in the U.K. it is run by a company, NATS, in a public-private partnership with the government.

NATS started conducting trials of a drone air traffic control system in unsegregated airspace a year ago, and the CAA is working with Amazon to collect data from its regular flight tests to help inform policy.

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