CURBED's Barbara Eldredge reports that developers plan to break ground on a futuristic neighborhood that will serve as a testbed for self-driving cars, solar power, and smart home technologies outside Denver, Colo., this spring.

The site, chosen by Panasonic (the city's partner in the project), already features a parking lot covered with solar panels and 53 LED streetlights. Later this month, an EZ10 autonomous shuttle will arrive. Construction of the development’s residential buildings is slated to begin in March.

At this year’s CES, Panasonic showed off some of the other technology that’ll be tested at Peña Station, including transparent glass panels that double as display screens, induction stoves concealed within stone countertops, and connected bus stops displaying the locations and arrival times of nearby buses. The neighborhood will also be monitored by a sensor system tracking air pollution, cloud cover, humidity, noise, and temperature. Once completed, the 400-acre site will be a mixed-use neighborhood with an anticipated economic impact of $82 billion a year.

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