Top 10 Smart-Home Stories of 2014

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The most popular Smart-Home stories of the past year.

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The concept of preheating an oven from the car or adjusting the room temperature from a phone were once just the stuff of science fiction. Now, with connected homes becoming increasingly popular, these ideas have moved from being the exception to being more of an expectation for home buyers.  

Over the last year, smart-home technology made progress by leaps and bounds. We saw innovations for thermostats, digital controls for water heaters and air vents, and systems that connected household appliances to your fingertips through mobile apps. We also saw the darker side: the possibility of your smart home being hacked.

Here's a flashback to the 10 most popular smart-home stories on BUILDER over the last 12 months, as voted on by the clicks of our site's users. 

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