Teal, a drone company that was founded just this month (July 20) by eighteen-year old George Matus, has the goal of making modular drones. Quartz staffer Mike Murphy spoke with Matus, a recent fellow of the Thiel Foundation, about his plans to sell the "Swiss Army Knife of Drones."

Matus used the $100,000 given to him by the Thiel Foundation to start Teal and has built what he considers to be the first modular drone, capable of flying at 85 mph and of modifications that fit the owner's specific needs:

Over time, Matus plans to add new modules and software features, such as bigger batteries, cameras, thermal cameras, and new flight functions. Teal is launching a software development kit that that will allow anyone to build apps that can control any aspect of the drone and receive data from all of the drone’s onboard sensors.

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