Traditional wood joining techniques, including those The Joinery demonstrates, have largely been replaced with the advent of power tools.

An anonymous Japanese woodwork enthusiast has created and posted over 80 animated .GIF demonstrations of traditional Japanese joinery techniques on his Twitter account, The Joinery, which calls itself the complete 3D guide to Japanese joinery.

The Twitter account’s creator was inspired to create the .GIFs after he found the complex instructions in his woodworking books hard to visualize.

"I was fascinated by the traditional techniques of creating strong bonds without the use of nails or adhesive," he told Japanese design blog Spoon & Tamago. "I want to organize all the joinery techniques and create a catalogue of them all."

While these techniques have been rendered out of date with power tools, the Joinery’s creator has said that digital fabrication and robotic construction could offer them a new use. "3D printing and woodworking machinery has enabled us to create complicated forms fairly easily."
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