Technological advancements such as remote real estate investing have become popular models for millennials, overseas investors, etc. with better returns than in 2015 than S&P 500 stocks. TechCrunch staffer Akhil Saklecha reports on such advancements as remote real estate investing that happens via crowdfunding, allowing investors of all ages, risk profiles, and wealth levels to acquire real estate.

This model can be beneficial for novice investors but there are downfalls such as potential tax liabilities based upon income charged to the investor without receipt of any cash flow. Luckily, ever-changing technology is providing solutions:

As crowdfunding models have become more complicated, a new generation of real estate technology disrupters has addressed some of the shortcomings of crowdfunding with a more holistic funding model, providing protection for investors and helping them build wealth through a combination of cash flow and appreciation.

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