Express Lane Software maker Hyphen Solutions is offering a streamlined version of its proven, Web-based BuildPro scheduling tool. The new software, BuildPro Express, comes with three standard templates, one for one-story single-family homes, a second for two-story homes, and a third for multifamily projects. The cost to builders is just under $10,000 for five internal users, and Hyphen Solutions claims it can have you up and running inside of a week or two. Visit for more information.

Next Dimension Chief Architect, one of the leading CAD programs used by builders, is now shipping X1, the company's latest design product. X1 goes beyond mere 3-D visualization, enabling builders to conduct, not just see, the design process in three dimensions. The new software allows for full-screen 3-D views and edits of walls and roofs. Another new feature is that all the software's CAD components are integrated into X1, making it much easier for designers to pull up CAD design tools such as deck framing and foundation details. X1 is priced at $2,195.