Virtual Memos A new service from Virtual Management just might be perfect for the home builder who finds himself constantly writing important notes on scrap wood or a spare piece of paper. Using the Electronic Virtual Assistant, a builder calls the system and leaves a message with his notes. The system then sends an audio file to a call center person, who transcribes the message into an e-mail, which is sent to the builder in less than an hour. A starter program with 20 minutes of service costs $69.95 per month. Virtual Management says the average call is about two minutes. Visit for more information.

Auto Brochures OnsiteAgent, a subsidiary of, has a touchscreen kiosk—designed for sales centers and show homes—that tackles two important sales issues for builders. First, since the kiosk releases a builder's brochure only after a home shopper registers, it prevents builders' salespeople from handing out brochures without getting enough customer information. Second, Realtors who register get a receipt verifying that the agent is entitled to a 3 percent commission. Visit for more information.