Souped Up Nemetschek North America has released a version of its CAD software VectorWorks that runs on Power PC Macs, the latest Intel-based Macs, and Windows-based PCs. The company says Version 12.5 runs twice as fast on an Intel Mac as on an Apple Power PC G5 and 10 times faster on an Intel Mac than on an Apple Power PC G4 laptop. Version 12.5 lets builders batch-print a set of drawings as PDFs in both the Mac and Windows formats. Visit for more information.

Baby Steps BUILDER's 2006 IT Survey found that home builders are poised to take advantage of information technology, but they just need to take the next step. The survey, based on 549 responses, reports that 99 percent of builders have Internet access, and another 74 percent say the majority of their company's laptops have wireless Internet access. However, only 23 percent use the Web to collaborate with subs and suppliers. Find out why in our special report in the February 2007 issue.