See It Now Chameleon Technologies is now shipping Builder-Vision, a Web-based options management tool that gives new-home buyers a photographic image of what product options will look like on the inside or the outside of a new home. BuilderVision is hosted by Chameleon and offered as a service. There is a low-cost version for small builders that costs $999, plus $99 a month for the service; the full system runs $9,500 and has a $199 monthly service fee. For more information, visit

Smart Start Smart Builder Solutions, a new software company based in Alpharetta, Ga., has plans to market a full construction management system together with a workflow tool later this year. For now, the software maker is working with Tampa, Fla.–based Inland Homebuilding Group to integrate its workflow tool with FAST, the popular builder back-office software. Inland is using the workflow tool to automate contract signing; when starting a spec home; and when starting a new community. Visit for more information.

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