Good Accounts Sage Software has a new version of its Sage Timberline Office suite that has at least three features that will attract builders. First, builders can now launch specific tasks such as general ledger, cash management, and payroll without having to open up the full application. Second, a new tool built right into the application walks builders through the reconciliation process. In the past, builders had to go online to access and pull down a report module for each accounting function. Third, the estimating package lets builders develop high-level summary totals of a job's materials, labor, and subcontractor costs.

3-D Adobe Adobe, best known for its portable document format (PDF), the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, and popular programs such as Adobe Photoshop, is now shipping a 3-D version of Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.0. The software lets builders convert CAD files to PDFs and send CAD documents to anyone with Adobe Acrobat Reader.