Expanded Reach Online marketplace ServiceMagic has enhanced its Web site to more effectively match home shoppers with the right builder. In the past, shoppers would receive only four matches per search. Now, when someone makes a builder query, the directory provides a listing of all the builders in that shopper's region. While it means some extra work for consumers, ServiceMagic is betting that more choices will help shoppers find the right builder for them. Visit www.servicemagic.com for more information.

Instant CRM Home builders who don't want the fuss of deploying a full-fledged customer relationship management (CRM) system but want access to historical home buyer, warranty, and subcontractor data for customer service calls will like HomeProfile from AxisPointe. Instead of having to flip through paper catalogs for warranty information, HomeProfile stores all that data electronically. Go to www.axispointe.com for more information.