Buildtopia has finally delivered the sophisticated cost control, purchasing, and management features that builders have been looking for in its Web-based system.

“Builders have been able to do sophisticated purchasing and cost management with software, just not with the convenience and efficiency of the Web,” explains Beau Engman, the company's CEO. BuildTopia is the first fully Web-based system available to builders for these kinds of applications.

Here's a look at the benefits of the new software, Version 5.6:

  • Cost control. The new software tracks variances and lets builders compare actual costs with the original budget in easy-to-read charts and graphs.
  • Managing contracts at the company level. A builder can establish one set of costs with a vendor across all of its plans and projects. So if a builder uses the same 2x4 on 10 different projects, he can update a price change once and the costs are updated across all 10 projects.
  • Integration with the project schedule. Builders can now tie multiple product items to a single task and place them on one purchase order. Work orders get processed more quickly, because builders no longer have to wade through all the jobs a vendor has done on a project.
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