Senior real estate readers move to the Web.

By Christina B. Farnsworth

Is the Internet eroding newspaper use? Results of a national survey by Newtonville, Mass.-based Content Intelligence, say yes. Most chilling was the 52 percent of respondents in the 55-year-plus group, the last bastion of strong newspaper readership, who now prefer the Internet.

John McIntyre, Content Intelligence managing editor, says results show a stronger preference for the Internet among the affluent and experienced. Of the 1, 400 55-year-plus survey respondents, 419 indicated that they had an interest in real estate information. Though more than 70 percent of these respondents claimed newspapers to be their most likely source for such real estate information, those with higher incomes showed a stronger interest in finding real estate information on the Web.

McIntyre says 30 percent of those who had six or more years Internet experience and 46 percent of those who went online 10 or more times a day would likely seek real estate information from a non-newspaper Web site, a trend he forecasts increasing. Content Intelligence is a research resource for content publishers.

House Hunting Moves to the Web

Source from which respondents are most likely to get real estate information.


Household income



Web site ofa newspaper

AnotherWeb site

Other mediasource

less than $25K 80% 1% 4% 10% 4%
$25-$35K 87% -- 3% 8% 2%
$35-$50K 76% 3% 4% 16% *
$50-$75K 72% * 15% 11% 3%
over $75K 73% 2% 6% 16% 3%

* = less than 1%; due to rounding errors, not all numbers may total 100%

Source: Content Intelligence,

Money talks: Higher income survey respondents choose the Web.